Hand poured silver hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office

Backyard Bullion is now registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office!

This is my hallmark!


What is a hallmark and why is it important?

A hallmark is a stamp that has been placed on the silver by the Edinburgh Assay Office. It can only be placed by them and it signifies that the piece has been “assayed” (tested) against the stated purity, in my case 999 fine silver.

The hallmark shows without doubt that the article is genuine, made by me and made of 999 fine silver.


A hallmark is made up of (at least) three separate stamps.

“Sponsors Mark”

BYB in this “pill” shape is unique to me.

“Purity Mark”

999 in this circular shape signifies silver and of at least 999 purity.

“Assay Office Mark”

The castle is the mark of the Edinburgh Assay Office.

“Date Letter”

The year letter for 2017 is “S” it is the only optional stamp – but a very nice one to have!

A hallmark is a wonderful addition to my pieces!

By having my pieces hallmarked I not only comply with the UK hallmarking Legislation but it

adds a unique aspect to my hand poured silver.


A UK hallmark is a highly desirable mark to have on silver items and is internationally

recognised as a symbol of quality and purity.



For more information about hallmarking and the Edinburgh

Assay Office please visit their website!