About Backyard Bullion

It’s all about the silver…

I love hand poured silver, and I love photography.

If you have seen any of my hand poured silver videos on my Youtube channel then you will already know this about me!

I just like taking photos of what I create.

It’s my thing!

How it all started!

There are so many craftsmen and women, you can even call them all artists who have taken up the hobby of hand pouring silver. I watched so many people on Youtube sharing their passion and creations and I was hooked. The community is amazing and it is what drives us to share and create.

We call it the SilverTube community (a phrase coined by the one and only Mr Zeke!).

If it was not for them I would have never started pouring my own silver! I started watching Hi Ho Silver (aka Bunker Bullion), Mr Zeke, Losing Louie, Vulcan5678 AG Ender and so many others (too many to name!). I became mesmerized by their work and I felt inspired to give it a go! So, I got myself a blowtorch, a crucible and some silver shot and started pouring some silver of my own! Showing off my first pours was the first video I ever created and the SilverTube community was amazingly supportive despite my limited skills and ability! But, I felt that I could do better and I wanted more. I bought myself the smallest (and cheapest!) melting furnace I could find and started pouring bigger and better silver pieces. I am still using this furnace today!

It’s all in the name!

It was “Mrs Backyard Bullion” (as she has now become known on Youtube!) who came up with the name Backyard Bullion.

It was simple really, I was pouring the silver in the back garden, and it was bullion! The rest, as they say, is history!