Custom Gift Series

The following are all of the custom pieces I have made.

Each piece is unique and stamped with any special message you like.

Whether it is for a wedding, valentines, birthday or mothers day gift a custom hand poured silver gift is a great choice.

Each piece comes with an accompanying “making of” video to share with your loved one.

If you would like to order a customised gift for someone then please visit the shop or get in touch!

Suzanne & Mark’s Heart

Kum Por’s Ripple Heart

Jonathan’s Mom’s Heart

A Set of 6 Silver Dice

AG47 Ripple Cube

A Dice of Silver

Steve & Sarah’s Heart

Mark & Charlie’s Heart

Megan’s Heart

Zach’s Heart

Martin’s Heart

Ashley’s Heart

Becca & Ben’s Heart

Belinda’s Heart

Donna’s Heart

Hayley’s Pirate Round

Mom’s Heart

Kia’s Heart

Amy’s Heart

Nimai’s Heart

Lynne’s Heart

Rachael’s Heart

Jessica’s Heart

Would you like a custom gift?