R9D-100 Digital Melting Kiln – 100 Oz (3.1 KG) Pure Gold


This is a digital melting kiln with 100-oz graphite crucible to smelt down up to 3 kg of pure gold. It also is very useful for melting down many other metal with casting points below 1080 c such as silver, copper, bronze, brass, aluminium etc.

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Technical specification:

– Input:
  • 115VAC version with USA/CANNADA standard plug (two flat pins).
  • 220VAC version with EU/RUSSIA standard plug (two round pins + E).
  • 240VAC version with UK/IRELAND standard 3-pin plug.
  • 240VAC version with AU/NZ electrical plug adapter.
– Power – 750 Watt;
– Maximum heating temperature – 1130 C (2066 F);
– Suitable graphite crucible type: 100-Oz (3100 grams) pure gold;
– Estimated heating time to 1130 C) – 60-90 minutes depend of quantity of metal;
– Furnace’s dimensions with a lid in MM(inch): 150(6″) x 150(6″) x 350(14″)H;
– Fixed graphite crucible OD: 75D x 125H (mm). 1″=25.4 mm;
– Fixed graphite crucible ID: 51D x 80H (mm). 1″=25.4 mm;
– Weight – 3.8 kg;
 Delivery specification:
– R9-100 Digital melting kiln with a lid;
– Metal tongs for 100-Oz pure gold graphite crucibles;
– One 100-Oz pure gold graphite crucible;
– Instruction manuals on the kiln and a temperature controller;
– One year manufacturer warranty.


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